1. Never open an email attachment from a source you do not recognize.
  2. Stay away from peer to peer file transfers and downloads.
  3. This includes services like Limewire, Kazaa and all torrent sites.
  4. Install a software firewall to protect against inbound attack don’ t rely just on your routers hardware firewall.
  5. Install and run anti-virus to protect against inbound attacks.
  6. Do not just rely on on-line virus scanners, these are never as effective and do not offer proactive protection.
  7. Keep your OS and software security patches up to date.
  8. Run your virus and adware software at least once a week automatic scans are even a better option.
  9. Beware of email hoaxes, typically hidden as bank and famous website emails. The attachments may contain viruses and the links typically are a phishing attempt.