If being charged for exceeding your data plan when on your cell. There is a potential to save money on your mobile phones and devices when using them inside your residence network. Your home network Wi-Fi can be configured to automatically connect when at home and within range of your router. Don’t forget to disable your data while using your Wi-Fi as an alternate to the internet.


Tip: While taking advantage of Wi-Fi to procure access to the internet in your local coffee establishment or in your motel room while on holiday. Be aware it’s convenient, however there’s no assurance you’ll acquire a secure connection.

Tip: When issues with wireless signals appear problematic or weak always ensure a central location to your devices like a hub of wheel. Also take a look around to ensure there are no large metal structures such as metal filing cabinets. Consider walls and what materials the walls are constructed of such as concrete or metal. These items can cause interference and reduction in signal strength. 

Tip: To provide additional resolution for poor networking performance. Always ensure you update drivers for your networking components. As well review that your windows updates are in fact up to date. Do not forget to check your wireless router’s manufacturer’s site for firmware updates.