• PUP’s (Pop up advertisements) unknown icons in your system tray.
  • Error messages, reduced computer performance.
  • Freezing or uninitiated restarting of your computer,
  • Changes to your internet homepage and redirecting of your internet searches.
If you have any of these symptoms than you most likely have malware. These are malicious infections and can be identified and removed through tools.
Tip: When downloading your selected program of choice. Always select “Custom” vice “Express” when given the option. This will reveal additional programs not initially visible when clicking to download. These extra programs are bundled along with your intended program and will be  installed as well.  To download only your selected program just uncheck the now visible programs to remove them from your download action.
Advice: We use and advocate the use of ESET Security for protecting your system, personal data and online activity. We can procure and install this software on your system (Software $) for a minimal of 1hr service.