Scouse Home To Home Computer Repair

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Welcome to Scouse Home To Home Computer Repair.

A computer service that comes to your home. No need to leave your  home or deal with the complexity of cabling hardware re-connection.

Scouse Home to Home Computer Repair offers prompt and courteous¬†residential computer repair. We understand that your data that you have created on your systems is important to you as well as the repair. That being said we our dedicated to safeguarding all your personal data during the maintenance and repair of your computer system. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. We pride ourselves on extending our relationship with our customers. Follow-up is always provided along with any friendly assistance to new questions. scouse_home_to_home_computer_repair001002As an A+ certified technician we provide our customers with first rate and neighborly computer service at an affordable price. Completely mobile you can stay in your home and wait for us to come to you at a time that is convenient. If it’s slow performance or network issues call us we can help with a range of services offered. Note: We do not service Apple/Mac products.  

Alleviating the need for you to pack up your computer or use time to bring your system in for repairs.

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